Milwaukee Tools on Amazon – You Might Want To Rethink That

Milwaukee Tools on Amazon – You Might Want To Rethink That | Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2903-20 Cordless Drill Driver

We get it—Milwaukee tools aren’t cheap. Buying Milwaukee tools on Amazon seems like a great way to get some high-quality tools and replacement batteries without paying full retail pricing. But before you click that “Add to Cart” button, let’s have a serious chat about what you’re getting.

There Are No Authorized Milwaukee Tool Retailers On Amazon

There are plenty of power tool brands that have Amazon storefronts and are legit. Milwaukee isn’t one of them. They don’t sell on Amazon, and none of their authorized retailers are allowed to.

Does that mean what you’re buying isn’t a real Milwaukee tool?

Not necessarily. While no one is authorized to sell those products, that doesn’t mean they don’t. Part of the problem is we can’t find a good answer to where those tools are coming from. Are they returns? Overstock? Factory seconds? We seriously have no idea.

Here’s what we do know: if the tool you’re buying is authentic, it’s not coming from an authorized retailer and Milwaukee is not bound to honor any warranty on it.

And yes, there are some knockoff products out there.

Third-Party Milwaukee Tool Batteries on Amazon

There are third-party batteries and adapters on Amazon, and plenty of stories from people who claim to use them successfully. That may very well be the case. We haven’t tried them, and we don’t intend to.

Today’s brushless tools rely on complex electronic communications to control and protect the tool. It’s very possible that a third-party battery or adapter can give the tool a “go” or “stop” command. But what happens when you need the overheating, current, or voltage protections that require the communication components in both the tool and the battery?

It’s not something we’re willing to leave to chance. We’ve been to Milwaukee’s facility and seen the tests they run to make sure everything operates safely. When you push the performance envelope the way Milwaukee does, especially at the high end of their lineup, we want to have confidence that the system is going to operate properly.

So take the chance if you like—it’s your money, after all. It’s just not something we’re willing to do.

Milwaukee Tool Deals…. Legit Ones

On the other hand, our team is made up primarily of people who want the best value. We’ll shop multiple retailers to get a lower price, and we’ll give up some top-end performance or features if it means significant cost savings.

Sometimes, Milwaukee runs nationwide deals that you can get from any authorized participating retailer. Other times, retailers such as Acme Tools, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Tool Nut, or Ohio Power Tool run their own exclusive deals.

We keep up to date with the best Milwaukee tool deals each month. We aren’t able to share every single deal, so bookmark those trusted retailers’ deal pages. You’ll save money and know that you’re getting authentic Milwaukee products that come with a full warranty.

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