Combo Kit Reviews & Buying Guides

Our cordless combo kit reviews cover all battery platforms and voltages, including 12V, 18V, and 36V. We test all major tool brands and look for combo kits that address the most common needs. Also, we take into account the varied trades. That leads us to do cordless combo kit reviews which cater to specific needs. This might include a kit with an oscillating multi-tool instead of a traditional reciprocating saw. Other kits include one-handed reciprocating saws or even cordless grinders. The right choice often depends on whether you’re upgrading, replacing, or starting fresh. Cordless Combo Kit Reviews for All Trades When taking on cordless combo kit reviews, we may cover two-tool kits all the way up to kits with 5 tools or more. As manufacturers release new kits we step in to see whether they present a particular advantage or savings to the professional contractor or tradesman. More often than not, cordless combo kits are a great way to jumpstart an upgrade. They also do well when replacing tools that have grown long in the tooth.