Chainsaw Reviews & Buying Guides

Our chainsaw reviews cover battery chainsaws as well as gas chainsaws. We test these powerful tool to give professional landscapers, arborists, landowners, and forestry professionals a good sense of what to expect. In the past, our professional reviews of chainsaws and pole saws only took gas models seriously. More recently, battery-powered models have grown in both power and capabilities. We’re seeing bars up to 20-inches powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs. Our research also indicates that more and more municipalities and neighborhoods are demanding (even legislating) the use of battery-powered chainsaws. Where noise is a concern, electric chainsaws seem to thrive. Additionally, battery-powered top handle chainsaws bring a measure of increased safety when used in lifts. You get instantaneous starting with no pull cord, and they go silent when you need to talk to your person on the ground.