Generator Reviews & Buying Guides

Our generator reviews and power inverter reviews take on gas and battery solutions that promise extended runtime. This works well for situations when the power goes out or simply isn’t available. Portable gas generators are the staple and range from compact gas generators to larger jobsite models that can power a small home. Whole-home diesel, gas, LP, and natural gas powered generators work with automatic transfer switches to keep you online when the municipal power goes out. Gas generators comprise a large and wide swath of products. You may need a compact gas powered solution for portability or a larger jobsite generator solution to run larger power tools. Smaller inverters help power rechargeable devices and electronics and also work great when you can connect solar panels for recharging.  Our generator reviews deliver the critical facts. We focus on both professional usage of these handy tools as well as backup use for when storms hit.  The newest portable power generators include sleek, streamlined models that allow for high power output levels with quiet operation. We’re also seeing a lot of attention paid to carbon monoxide monitoring. Many systems shut down if they detect excessive amounts of CO in the air—that feature can save lives.