Snow Blower Reviews & Buying Guides

While snowblowers may not get much use down South as an essential landscaping tool, they’re an integral part of northern property maintenance. In our snowblower reviews we test power by evaluating blowing speed and distance. We also look at ergonomics and how easily the snowblower drives and operates. A snowblower has to get the job done. Newer battery-powered snowblowers have finally crossed into two-stage territory. These tools surprisingly get the work accomplished. Long throw distances and ample runtime make them a very compelling option for consumers wanting to skip winterization and routine maintenance. Where gas snow blowers hold down the professional fort, new battery-powered tools are truly making inroads. Because of the success of these battery-powered tools, more and more Pro-focused snowblowers will hit the stores soon. These promise to offer even longer run-times and greater snowblowing and snow-throwing power.