RAD Torque Systems B-RAD X Torque Wrench

RAD Torque Systems B-RAD X

Tighten Up To 11,000 Ft-Lbs With The B-RAD X

We’re teaming up with RAD Torque Systems to tell you more about the B-RAD X Torque Wrench. Is this extreme high-torque cordless tool the answer to your torque wrenching needs? Take a closer look and see for yourself.

If you work with industrial installations and haven’t heard of RAD Torque Systems yet, you need to get to know them. Based in Canada, where RAD manufactures torque products from start to finish, the operation is impressive. Most importantly, it results in a quality product you know you can rely on. Check out this video to learn more.

RAD Torque Systems B-RAD X Torque Wrench Performance


The B-RAD X is the new leader in the cordless torque wrench class. Featuring a pistol grip design with a 1.5-inch square drive, the strongest of the three models in the line is capable of torquing up to 11,000 ft-lbs (15,000 Nm)!

How does RAD accomplish that without ripping your arm off or reversing the spin of the earth?

Between the battery and the square drive, there’s a brushless motor driving a series of planetary gears. Obviously, not just any gears are going to do the trick with this kind of force, and the design team engineered the gear system to be able to handle the strain and provide reliable results for a long service life. They have access to some serious metal alloys to design components that can stand up to the force. Just don’t ask them to tell you what they are—that’s a trade secret.

When you’re ready to set your target torque, start by setting it on the 4-button LCD screen on the foot of the tool. The easy-to-read display reduces the potential for mistakes. From there, press the trigger and let the electronic controller take care of setting your fastener, hitting an accuracy within 4% of your target. For safety, RAD designed a two-hand start operation.

Compared to RAD’s other cordless torque wrenches, the B-RAD X is 20% faster. Between that and the brushless motor, you’ll be swapping batteries less often.

RAD Torque Systems B-RAD X Torque Wrench Key Features

RAD Torque Systems B-RAD X Torque Wrench

As we mentioned earlier, there are three models to choose from. Here’s how they stack up:

ModelTorque RangeSpeedWeight
B-RAD X 5000500 – 5000 ft-lbs/700 – 7000 Nm2.4 RPM23 lbs
B-RAD X 8000740 – 8000 ft-lbs/1000 – 10850 Nm1.7 RPM30 lbs
B-RAD X 11K1100 – 11000 ft-lbs/1500 – 15000 Nm1.2 RPM42 lbs

With this muscular of a tool, it may seem like ergonomics are thrown out the window. That’s not the case for the B-RAD X, though. The position of the motor, grip, and display are all very intentional to ensure that it’s as comfortable to use as possible and that you’re able to work in hard-to-reach locations. They’ve even redesigned the trigger to be less fatiguing.

There are some additional design consideration that allows this tool to thrive in tough industrial environments. The tool housing is a rugged polymer plastic built to survive. The battery includes a latch lock to ensure that it can’t fall out during operation and transportation. There’s also a hand-guard to provide additional protection to the front of your hand during operation.

There are several accessories to make using the B-RAD X easier. Check with your local distributor about getting the soft sling, top handle, or rear handle attachments.

The Bottom Line

If you have high torque fastening needs and you want a more convenient solution than hydraulic systems offer, the B-RAD X cordless torque wrench from RAD Torque Systems is the tool you’re looking for. The design team put in the hard work to make sure you have the high performance, quality build, and easy operation to get the job done right.

Love the idea of a RAD cordless torque wrench, but don’t need quite this much power? Check out the entire line by clicking here.

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