Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 2-Stage Snow Blower

The Ryobi 40V Snow Blower Makes Quick Work of Winter Driveway Clearing

In the winter, there’s nothing more beautiful than an undisturbed blanket of fresh snow coating everything as far as the eye can see. That beauty can quickly turn to annoyance once reality sets in and you have to clear your driveway in order to leave home. Luckily, Ryobi has several snow-clearing solutions, and today we’re looking at the RY408150 2-Stage Snow Blower to see how it stacks up in the lineup.

Ryobi 2-Stage Snow Blower Performance

Ryobi 2-Stage Snow Blower
  • Model: Ryobi RY408150
  • More power than a 243cc gas snow blower
  • Clearing width: 22 inches
  • Clearing depth: 18 inches
  • Up to 30 minutes of runtime
  • Two brushless motors
  • Whisper Series: 44% quieter than gas
  • Throws snow up to 45 feet
  • Variable speed self-propelled drive system

The Ryobi RY408150 snow blower has more power than a 243cc gas snow blower. As part of the brand’s Whisper Series, this tool is up to 44% quieter than gas, and even quieter than other battery-powered snow blowers.

It has a clearing width of 22 inches in depths of up to 18 inches of snow. Its dual brushless motors and two active battery ports deliver up to 30 minutes of runtime, letting you clear around 20 car spaces per charge using two 8.0Ah batteries.

Additionally, this snow blower features a variable-speed self-propelled auger that you can control via a speed dial on the control panel.

Ryobi Snow Blower

How Does it Compare?

Although it is not Ryobi’s first Whisper Series 40V snow blower, the RY408150 fills a market gap for those who do not need the extra bells and whistles of Ryobi’s other model, the RY40870. That’s not to say you have to sacrifice a ton of performance with this new model, however.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two:

Ryobi RY40870 (old model)Ryobi RY408150 (this model)
Runtime45 minutes with (4) 6.0Ah batteries30 minutes with (2) 8.0Ah batteries
Power Equivalence252cc243cc
Max Throw Distance55 feet45 feet
Clearing Depth21 inches18 inches
Clearing Width24 inches22 inches

Ryobi 2-Stage Snow Blower Design

Ryobi Snow Blower
  • 180° directional chute
  • Chute crank for directional control
  • Chute lever for adjustable throw distance
  • LED headlight bar
  • All-metal auger
  • Push-button start
  • Two active battery ports and two inactive battery storage slots

This snow blower has a 180° directional chute that you can control via a chute crank under the left handle. You can also find a chute lever on the control panel that lets you adjust your throwing distance up to 45 feet.

The RY408150 snow blower uses a push-button start which starts it in seconds and eliminates the need to mess with gas pull cords.

For power, this machine runs using two active 40V battery ports. There are also two inactive battery storage slots in the battery compartment to pack additional runtime if your batteries drain before you finish the job.

Ryobi 2-Stage Snow Blower Price

This snow blower retails for $1,199 as a kit, including two 40V 8.0Ah batteries and a 40V rapid charger. There are no bare tool options available at the time of writing. Ryobi backs your purchase with a 5-year warranty on the tool and a 3-year warranty on the batteries.

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